Is My Tree Dead? Should I Have My Tree Removed?

Dead Tree

If your tree has fallen over it’s usually a good indictor that it’s time to remove it. By this time, it’s a little obvious and likely has done damage to the property around it. The key is to identify which trees need to be removed before they fall. The key is how do you tell if your tree is dead or possibly dormant or should be removed.

Some things to look for are:


Does the Tree Have Leaves?

If there are no leaves on the tree especially during spring it can indicate the tree is undergoing some level of stress. If there are leaves but they have gone brown and never dropped in the fall this is another sign that there is a serious issue with the tree.


Are the Branches Healthy?

If the branches are brittle and break easily then the wood has dried out which is a sign the tree has begun to have root and water issues and overall health issues. If the branches are pliable and green on the inside then this is a sign that the branches are healthy. Another sign of the tree being in distress is growing offshoots along the lower areas of the trunk.


Do You See Fungus?

Fungus growing at the base of the tree such as mushrooms or anything, but moss, is an indicator that the tree growth has slowed but may not be dead.


Is the Bark Healthy?

Do you see deep cracks in the bark or is it easy to peel off or seem very dry, these can be indications that the tree is deceased and dying.


My Tree May Be Dead, Should It Be Removed?

If you are seeing any of these signs, then it’s always good to get the opinion of a trusted tree company because we can easily confirm if your tree is in a position where it needs to be removed or whether it may need trimming. We also don’t recommend removing the tree yourself, no matter the size. Removing the tree requires special equipment to ensure it doesn’t damage your property or your neighbor’s property and after it’s down or to remove the stump.


How We Can Help

If you have a tree you are worried about why not request a free quote and we can assess your tree for free! If it needs to be removed our professionals will ensure it’s removed, and the stump is removed, all with minimal impact to your yard and no damage to your property.