My Apple or Pear Tree is Sick or Dead

If you have apple or pear trees in the Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln areas and you are noticing dead or browning leaves on branches it could be affected by a Fire Blight. Fire Blight is a bacterial decease that is sadly common in our area of California and once it starts it can spread to other trees.

It’s deadly in orchards and farms and if not treated can decimate an entire orchard in a single growing season.


What Is It and How Does It Spread?

Fire Blight is a bacteria that enters at the tip of a branch and spreads it way down towards the trunk. As it spreads down the main branch the offshoots will begin to dye until eventually the whole tree is dead. While it’s in this stage it’s also highly contagious and can spread the bacteria to other trees via wind, rain, insects and more which puts nearby trees at risk of being infected.


Signs of Fire Blight in Apple and Pear Trees

Since it enters at the tip of a branch the tips of branches will start with brown or black leaves that die but do not drop off. They will kill blossoms as well as the leaves. It can also produce lesions that secrete orange and brown liquid from the branch.


I See Signs Now What?

Call us right away. The tree can possibly be saved by trimming infected branches early enough. At the very worst the tree might need to be removed but removing the one infected tree could save it from spreading to other trees.


We can assist with a free quote to trim or if need be, safely remove the tree with out damage to property and minimizing the risk of spreading to other trees.