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Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree just has to be removed. It might be a safety issue or the need to clear space for construction, a landscaping project, or to get more sun on your yard or pool. Whatever the case might be, the professionals at Capital Tree Service will assess the situation and choose the most efficient method depending upon the location of the tree as well as its condition and size.


Stump Grinding / Removal

Once a tree is removed, the stump is left behind. In most cases, you'll want to grind the stump eight to twelve inches below ground level to allow for the planting of grass, shrubs, or a new tree.

If the tree was very large there may also be outer roots at or above ground level that need to be ground. This will be discussed during our initial inspection where the scope of work and the costs involved will be clearly indicated.

Tree Trimming

While nature usually does a very nice job on its own, sometimes it just needs a little help to get things just right. Such is the case with trees. Left on their own, limbs can grow too close to a structure or the tree can grow too high or thick, cutting off more sun light than desired.

Ideally, tree pruning should be done on young trees to encourage healthy, strong growth. Of course, that's not always practical and that's why we use different methods to prune trees. The first step for the professionals at Capital Tree Service is an inspection of your trees.


Tree Repair & Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing is the installation of flexible steel strand cables and braces in trees to reduce stress damage from high winds, the weight of ice or snow, and heavy foliage. The goal is to help strengthen weak branches or limbs so that they are better able to withstand severe weather and to improve their longevity and reduce potential risk.

Weak limbs are not always obvious, so you should contact Capital Tree Service to assess your trees. We can help you identify particular weak points, and examine bark or large co-dominant stems, which can be signals of tree weakness.



No matter your tree needs, call the professionals at Capital Tree Service! We are locally owed right here in the Sacramento, Roseville & Rocklin areas and proudly serve this and the surround area. Our tree professionals over 20 years of experience with all the native Californian tree species as well as non-native species that also thrive in our area. We have the right people, the right tools and the right experience for any tree situation you may have. We also offer Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and the surrounding areas with emergency tree removal services. If you have an emergency call us right away!

Emergency Tree Removal
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