Tree Health Information

Below we offer some great informational articles about tree health, tree trimming and tree removal that is relative to our Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln area.  If you feel you have a tree that might be in need of trimming or removal, please feel free to contact us for a free quote before attempting to remove or trim your tree personally.

Dead Tree

Is My Tree Dead?

Not sure if your tree is dead or dying or just dormant? Our informational article will provide you with some signs to look for on whether your tree is dead and if it should be removed.

My Apple or Pear Tree Looks Sick or Dead

Do you have an apple or pear tree that is starting to generate brown leaves at the tips or worse yet many brown leaves, no blossoms or fruit? Fire Blight is a real concern in the Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville and Lincoln areas and if you see these signs you your trees need immediate attention. It’s highly contagious.

When Should I Remove Branches on My Tree?

Do you have branches on your tree, big or small, that appear to be dead? Dead branches can create a hazard during storm they can break off and damage property or neighbor’s property and should be removed. Removing dead branches also secures the health of your tree. Learn more on how to identify if your branch is dead.