Tree Removal Sacramento

Tree Removal Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin

Sadly, removing a fully-grown tree is sometimes necessary. It could be because the tree is unhealthy and at risk of falling or infecting other trees, it could be in the way of powerlines or interfering with other trees or simply in the way of your view or landscaping plans.


We would never recommend you attempt this on your own. No matter the reason tree removal should always be handled by professionals so that your home, property or business is never at risk of being damaged by falling limbs or the tree itself. The professionals and Capital Tree Service have all the right equipment, machinery and experience to make sure your tree removal goes smoothly.


Our professionals will assess the situation and ensure they choose the most efficient and safest method for removing the tree depending on the location and what is nearby the tree, it’s condition and size. Different

Branch removal Sacramento

Below are a few factors considered before removing a tree:

  • How close we can bring machinery such as chippers to the tree and are there any obstructions, such as:
  • Gates and fences
  • Power lines
  • Pools, patios or porches
  • Structures such as your home, sheds, garages or any other structure that might be in the way or could be damaged
  • Is there underbrush to clear
  • How large is the tree and branches of the tree and will they need to be cabled and cut in sections
  • How large of a stump will there to be removed
  • Is there room to bring equipment to remove the wood
  • Is the tree ill, damaged or weakened


Stump Removal Process
Once the tree is removed a stump will remain. Some choose to keep the stump and utilize it in their landscaping. However, if you wish to have the stump removed Capital Tree Services has a special machine that will grind down the stump below ground level and allow it to be filled over either with soil and grass or landscaping materials.


Emergency Tree Removal for Sacramento, Roseville & Rocklin
In the event of a tree threatening to fall and damage your home, property or business we offer emergency tree removal services. Call 916-813-1845 24 hours a day.


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We strive to make sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of our service right down to our price.
We offer good old-fashioned honest pricing and honest work and we have an A+ rating with the BBB and great reviews on Angie’s List.
We care about the safety of our client’s, their property, so rest assured we are licensed, bonded and insured. Our license number is CCL #796295.


"I had a tree fall so I called capital tree service they showed up that day and started right away. They were fast and very thourough. Very nice equipment I was very pleased with the work."

Elizabeth, Sacramento


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