When Should I Remove Branches on My Tree?

The simple answer is maybe. Removing branches that appear to be dead can help the overall health of the tree. It ensures any effort to care for that branch is instead spent on healthier branches and prevents that branch from decaying and opening a way for insects or organisms to enter the tree.


What Does an Unhealthy or Dead Branch Look Like?

The obvious sign would be a single branch that did not generate any buds, leaves, blossoms or fruit (if applicable). That is one of the most obvious signs when all other branches did generate buds and healthy leaves. Other signs would include:


  • A branch that generated some leaves but they are discolored, brown or sparse
  • Last years dead leaves didn’t fall off the branch
  • The branches and offshoots of that branch seem brittle and easy to break and aren’t pliable or bendable
  • If you scratch at the bark it’s brittle and dry
  • If you scratch at the wood it’s not green
  • The branch droops or dangles and there is risk if the branch were to break to cause injury or property damage


Should you feel you have a branch or several branches that meet some of these criteria its best to have the experts check and remove them for you. Leaving them in the tree puts your property and neighbors property at risk during high winds and storms as this is the key time they will break off and cause damage. In addition, the dead branch could also be caused by pests and disease that if left untreated could end up killing the whole tree and not a single branch.

Why not call us, we are more than happy to provide a free quote and assess what in your tree is at risk and should be trimmed. We offer affordable prices and quick, convenient service to the Greater Sacramento Area.